Virtual Laser Keyboard and Mouse Facts

A typical laser keyboard mouse bundle incorporates both a keyboard and mouse that use laser technology to connect to a computer, thus eliminating the need for an actual wired connection. These devices have gained much popularity with computer users and are the current best selling peripherals used for data entry. They work by using laser technology that sends signals from the peripherals to a receiving unit that is plugged into a user’s computer. This receiving unit translates the signals and sends them to the computer, resulting in the input of text or movement of a cursor across the screen. With regards to functionality, these devices work the same or better than their counterparts that use wires to connect. The receiving unit can be used with an existing USB or PS2 port. The actual keyboard and mouse will need fresh batteries to be operational.

The most common brand of these peripherals is a Microsoft laser keyboard mouse, but many experts recommend that users choose other brands that offer better performance. One such option is a Logitech laser mouse keyboard. This company has a strong reputation as one of the leaders in the field of keyboard and mouse performance. The top level of products from both manufacturers will have other features that may be appealing to a potential buyer. Nearly all good and modern laser keyboards feature a section of the layout devoted to programmable quick launch keys that can be customized by a user to launch specif programs or applications that are used on a frequent basis.

Another feature that is appearing in more models is an LED screen that is used to provide the user with various information or streams of data. Gamers often find these types of keyboards very effective for use while playing a game. Many companies are now making laser keyboards that are specifically designed for these gamers or for other niche markets. These features and more are what are driving the increased interest in laser keyboards. The single most important reason for the success of these peripherals is the added mobility that a user is given. However, there can be negative aspects as well. Laser keyboards are more expensive than those that use wires to connect to the computer and additional costs will be incurred when a user needs to replace batteries on the devices.

Unlike a virtual laser keyboard and mouse, which has no actual keyboard or mouse, manufacturers of laser keyboards are continually looking for a new way to make the physical product better. Compatibility between the peripherals and the host computers is often quite easy, with installation taking just mere minutes before the devices are operational. Any decent laser keyboard unit will also come with the batteries needed to power the device as well as a CD-ROM that will contain all the essential software and drivers. The success of these devices has led to many different variations to set individual models apart. A user who is considering the option to buy a laser keyboard mouse bundle will have many manufacturers and models to choose from and care should be taken to completely evaluate a model before making a purchase.

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